Quick and Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

With so many properties available for sale nowadays, such as properties in Tropicana Avenue, searching for the right house is no longer difficult. Most people spend more time in renovating the living room and bedrooms, and they neglect the importance of having a functional yet beautiful bathroom. Bathroom is known as a personal place where most people spend their time. It is also considered as a more personal space than kitchen. This article will guide you through some tips for bathroom renovation with a budget.

Getting started
First of all, you will need to plan your renovation work. You can go by hiring professionals to help you in deciding what needs to be done. Interior designers also have better ideas for the designs. Hiring interior designers come with a cost, but it is definitely worth it, and it is a great idea for those who are busy. Of course, you can also browse through Pinterest or any websites to get some inspirations if you are on a tight budget.

There are also some factors to consider before you start the remodeling process, such as having a bathtub or not. Ask yourself if you need a bathtub and how many times in a year you are going to soak in the tub. If you do not need a bathtub, a shower head will then be sufficient. Moreover, it is much cheaper to install a showerhead than to have a bathtub.

Set your budget
Be realistic and only go for things that you can afford. Make sure you prepare a tracksheet or a list of items that you need and their prices. Create a budget and stick to it closely. You will need to know which items you should splurge on and which to give them a pass. This will prevent you from overspending and bursting your budget. You will also need to consider the hidden costs such as the cost of materials and labor. Shipping costs are included in the hidden costs as well. All these hidden costs can add up to quite a huge sum. So do be careful when you set your remodeling budget. In addition, you will also need to prepare at least 10% of your budget for unplanned expenses that come unexpectedly.

Once you get better ideas on your bathroom remodeling plan, you can start exploring bathroom designs that suit your lifestyle and needs. Narrow down the themes or designs that you have chosen before. You could also visit some showhouses to get more inspirations. Whether you want to remodel your master bath into a relaxing spa retreat or just a basic remodel, you can find all inspirations through visiting showhouses or through the websites. You will also need to consider the layout for your bathroom. Make sure the layout is accessible. It is advised to avoid reinventing the bathroom layout. Keep the plumbing fixture in the same locations. Not only it could save you quite a bit of money, it will also save you from a lot of hassles of installing new plumbing. You could also consider to have:

  1. Bright colour
First of all, if you are a fan of intense hues, you can go for bright colors for your room to keep your bedroom lively. A colorful bedroom will make your bedroom appear fun and funky. But do not go overboard with unmatching colors to prevent having your bedroom too overwhelming. You can easily choose a duvet cover or comforter with prints and colors to bring out the funky side of you. If you have a gypsy soul in you, you can definitely go for a bohemian look for your bedroom.

2.                  Grey or black decoration
If you are opting for a luxurious look for your bedroom, grey and black decoration pair perfectly together. The combination of grey and black is fashionable. However, this can be off-putting to some people who dislike dark colored theme for their bedrooms. In addition, grey and black can make a room appear dull and dark, making the atmosphere depressing for certain people.But if you do not mind the dull and dark looking bedroom, go for it then.

3.                  All white
The all-white trend is a trend that will never go outdated. However, it comes with its cons as well. A white bedroom has higher maintenance. You will need to spend more time in cleaning, sweeping, mopping and etcetera to keep your room clean and neat. Go for a minimalistic theme if you like your bedroom simple and neat.

Storage and organization
A bathroom without sufficient storage is cluttered and impractical. Make sure you install an in-shower storage, as you will need it for your shampoo, conditioner, soap, body scrub and etcetera. Go for something that is sturdy and long lasting. Do not settle for cheap plastic units that hang from the showerhead or some storage that you attach to the rod of the bathtubs. Go for a ceramic tile shelf that you install in the corner of your shower if you have the budget. You can also opt for a built-in wall shelving. Cheap items will only ruin your attractive new design for your bathroom.

Getting it done
Communicate with your interior designers and contractors before the remodeling process starts. This is to avoid any unwanted misunderstanding throughout the process. Consult your interior designers or contractors if you have any problems. After all, they are professionals and they know what to do to avoid any costly mistakes.

In conclusion, decorating your bathroom is not too much of a hard work if you plan ahead and seek for professional advice. Most importantly, stick through your budget and be realistic on what can be done and not.

Lynda Che Lah

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